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Friday, August 31, 2007

The tale of the 5-year-old driver

Not sure where she was headed, but an Indiana Mom -- who said she takes Percocet to calm herself down when her children act up -- put the 5-year-old behind the wheel and the 3-year-old in the backseat.

This story from the Journal & Courier begins with a reaction from neighbor Wendy Barrett:

"It was just bizarre," Barrett said of finding a 5-year-old boy driving his seemingly impaired mother and stopping on Barrett's property.

"I asked, 'Is this toddler driving your car?' She said, 'He's a good driver.' "

My favorite part of the story: The 5-year-old told a sheriff's deputy that he had been driving but was "having a hard time because I can't reach the pedals."

| Sara Shepherd


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