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Friday, September 28, 2007

Colorado woman chases Hispanic children with samurai sword, police say

Amanda Jane Darling Harris, 21, is accused of chasing a group of Hispanic children and threatening them with an 18-inch samurai sword, according to police in Eagle, Colo. She's out on bond right now.

(I don't have permission to use the booking photo yet, but you need to see it.)

Some of the language in the story is very hateful, but basically, the woman accused the children of being illegal immigrants, police said. She allegedly put the sword to one boy's throat and threatened to cut off a girl's ponytail. She reportedly yelled, "If you're scared, then you're guilty."

What does Harris do for a living?

Harris is employed by Pooh Corner Preschool in Minturn, Colo., according to the arrest report. A spokeswoman for the preschool said she couldn't comment on Harris' current employment status.


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