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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Arrowhead Report

Ball Sorry it took me so long, but we do have a roundup on the arrests and incidents at Arrowhead Stadium last Sunday, courtesy of Sgt. Rick Sticken at KCPD. Overall, he said, the fans were well-behaved, and the atmosphere was good. They had ...

  • 5 cases of trespassing -- One was a gentleman who had bought a stolen ticket. Another was the guy who ran across the field and got tackled by KC Wolf. Which was not terribly smart, Sticken said. The suspect was arrested by a deputy, so he'll be charged through the county, not the city, and face tougher penalties.
  • 6 arrests for disorderly conduct -- Three groups of people got into a fight outside the stadium after the game. It reportedly started after one woman said something to another. Neither woman was there when police arrived.
  • 1 minor in possession
  • 1 ejection
  • 1 assault
  • 1 noninjury hit-and-run -- (Somebody hit a car and left without telling the other driver.)

Hat Tip: Thanks again, Sgt. Sticken!


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