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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wanted: Prostitutes (er, 'sexual assistants') for the disabled

You probably already assumed this, but this is not happening here. From Switzerland:

A welfare group offereing sexual relief for the disabled plans to take the service a step further by training professional "assistants" to provide full intercourse.

The group --- funded in part by federal grants and charitable donations --- already has several people offering "sexual assistance" through an erotic massage service but wants to take it a couple bases further. A representative noted that these specially trained assistants are "more than just prostitutes ... the assistants show tenderness and are conscious of the needs of the disabled, rather than rushing and just taking the money."

Note: This bit was posted this week on ananova.com and seems to be circulating all over the place today, but the previous link seemed to have more information even though the time element isn't clear.

--- Sara Shepherd


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