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Thursday, January 31, 2008

KCPD officer loses fight to keep his job

The officer's name is Danny Holmes. And it all goes back to the Guy Coombs homicide from 2003 -- the victim was out-of-town businessman whose night on the town ended with him getting killed. Charges have been dropped against the lead suspect, and though prosecutors plan to try again, they say Holmes hurt the case because he ... well, here's what the police had to say ...

The Board’s Finding of Facts state that Holmes unlawfully entered a known felon’s apartment while gathering information on a missing businessman who was later found dead.

Holmes saw a handgun on the floor and put it in the freezer before he exited the apartment. He left it there, along with narcotics and drug paraphernalia in plain view. He did find a box of bullets and took them with him, but he placed them in his duty bag for three years and never recovered them as evidence.

Yeah, I don't remember Columbo doing that, either.

The Findings of Fact further state that Holmes was untruthful with KCPD’s internal affairs investigators and spoke disparagingly about other detectives when speaking with a Jackson County Prosecutor. A special prosecutor has since dismissed the case against the felon suspected of murdering the businessman.

Here's an older Pitch article about Holmes' fight to keep his job.


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