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Friday, February 29, 2008

Man in coma after staying in Vegas hotel room where deadly poison was found

UPDATE: Police now say the substance is "100-percent ricin," and a previous guest of the hotel room where it was found is now in a coma. He's been hospitalized since Feb. 14. Still no explanation for why the poison was there and who it belongs to.

Like, so deadly that a dose the size of a pinhead could kill an adult. Although they were awaiting official test results, authorities think the substance is ricin, a poison that can be made from waste left over after processing castor beans. Seven people (some housekeepers and cops who entered the room) are being decontaminated and watched for signs of poisoning.

Apparently it's not illegal to posses ricin as long as you're not planning to poison anyone with it...

P.S. If you do poison someone with it, the CDC offers an enlightening description of what could happen to them as they die. Think chest tightness, heavy sweating, pulmonary edema, turning blue, bloody vomiting and diarrhea, hallucinations, seizures and total shutdown of the liver, spleen and kidneys. Not good.

-- Sara Shepherd


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