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Monday, February 04, 2008

Kim Mattingly


Mattingly is the wife of Don Mattingly, an assistant coach for the Dodgers. They're getting a divorce, though. Indiana police say she showed up at his house, accusing him of having her phone. (He said he didn't.) Police told her to stay away from the property and work through their lawyers. Snip:

Hours later, deputies were called back to the home and found Kim Mattingly trying to leave. She was reportedly a passenger in a car. The officer said he told the driver to stop the car and ordered Kim Mattingly to get out.

She allegedly was unsteady on her feet, smelled of alcohol and "had an abusive attitude," according to Howard.

Deputies arrested Kim Mattingly for public intoxication. As they tried to handcuff her, she reportedly tried to pull away and began screaming, even after officers told her to stop resisting.


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