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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Suspected tweaker loses high-stakes game of Hide-And-Seek, police say

Story is from Quincy, Ill., where police tried to arrest a couple of gentlemen for running an alleged meth lab. They got one right off, but the other ran to nearby Quincy University, sneaked into an office and hid under the desk of a computer-science professor, who thought he heard a truck:

"So I got up and looked out the window, but then I heard it again," Robinson said.

What Robinson heard was Wert breathing heavily as he tried to hide under a table and behind some boxes. Robinson said he saw a leg sticking out from under the table, so he calmly walked out of the office and downstairs, where he alerted QU security.

A minute later, Wert was in custody. "I guess this is a sign I need to clean up my office," Robinson said with a smile.


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