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Friday, May 30, 2008

Police Scanner: May highlights, installation No. 2

Van_2 More highlights/lowlights from the evening shift. Watch for final installation for May tomorrow morning.

May 13: Johnson County Sheriff's communications said a resident called 911 to report some ditchweed growing by the side of the road. Deputies responded to the scene and were working to pull up the offending plant that night.

"He needs to be transported up to Shoal Creek...but he's a rather large man and won't fit in the vehicle."

May 14: "There's a white female giving a male oral sex in a maroon Chevy van. She's doing this out in the open...and there are children nearby."

May 15: "We have an aggressive, un-neutered male Rottweiller on the corner of 75th and Antioch charging us."

"She's screaming at a 1-year-old baby, saying that she doesn't want him anymore. Caller thinks she's mental, and that she's getting ready to hurt him."

May 20: "I guess there's a he-she soliciting...and another he-she chasing that person?"

| Sara Shepherd

Photo note: I envisioned a still shot of those tranny hookers that throw eggs at Samantha's window in Season 3 of Sex and the City. Sadly, we didn't seem to have any in our archives. So I just went with the maroon Chevy van.


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