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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Police Scanner: May highlights, installation No. 1

Turtle Here are some of my favorite scanner dispatches from this month, overheard on the evening shift. May was pretty busy, what with all the folks taking off their clothes and solicitors dressing as the opposite sex. Watch for additional installments tomorrow and Saturday.

May 5: "Calling party says his roommate is intoxicated and messing with him and his girlfriend...again."

May 6: "In reference to a black male. The calling party states he dropped off a large black bag in front of the residence. It smells very bad, and it is very big. He tried to confront the suspect but he became belligerent."

May 7: "All he's got on now are blue boxers...white male, dark hair. Same one we were chasing earlier."

May 8: Leawood dispatchers reported that someone called 911 because a snapping turtle was chasing their dog. There were no injuries.

May 11: "He showed his penis to the caller and now he's walking to the wooded area."

"Black female, no shirt, black shorts, no shoes. Walking northbound...and it looks like she's with two other large females and two little boys."

May 12: "Reported soliciting, 24 and Prospect. There's a black male wearing a wig."

| Sara Shepherd


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