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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I wished this happened to more thieves


Meet Gibson Cook, an alleged copper thief who spent about 12 hours trapped under a Dumpster. He was trying to lay hands on some ill-gotten recyclables at a South Carolina landfill, police allege. Snip from The AP:

Break-ins at the landfill in Dillon, a town of about 6,400 people in the northeast corner of the state near the North Carolina line, have increased in recent months as thieves look for discarded scrap metal. But employee Charlie Brown said that in 27 years at the dump, this is the first time he's seen anyone get stuck. He said the copper under the trash bin could not have been worth more than $10.

"It was right disgusting," he said. "I wouldn't be under there."

Photos via The AP!



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