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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Senior citizen foils robber, narrowly avoids death

Lovely story from Oregon, where Art Iwasaki, 88 years young, woke up from a nap to find a robber pointing a gun at him. I am absolutely shocked that Art didn't end up catching one in the pumpkin.

That's because when the robber demanded money, Art pretended to have problems with his hearing aid. He got the robber to WRITE OUT HIS DEMAND, but then Art pretended he couldn't read the note because the words were too small. Art even drew his poor daughter into the scene, bringing her downstairs to meet the armed gunman.

At some point, Art also tried to fight the armed robber with his cane. The robber, apparently sick of all the work, left. Art even went to the door and watched him go, even though the robber warned him not to. Snip from the Oregonian:

Iwasaki's face broke into a broad grin as he recounted his resistance. "Afterward I thought what a stupid thing that was to do," he said.

"I've had rifles pointed at me, but never a pistol. I should have given him my wallet and told him to go."


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