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Friday, August 22, 2008

6 Years Later: Who murdered Shirley McKeown?

Mckeown Shirley McKeown, 71, disappeared on Aug. 24, 2002, as she was driving to her daughter's house in Midtown. When police found the vehicle on Sept. 3, so much of her blood was discovered in the interior that investigators knew she couldn't possibly have lived. Though her body has never been recovered, McKeown has been considered a homicide ever since.

Six years later, nobody has been charged in the crime, daughter Bridget says. She's been giving interviews to local media this week, hoping someone will call police with a tip. She's not optimistic, but she has to try. "Maybe it'll jog somebody's memory."

There's still a reward of $10,000. Informants just need to call Crime Stoppers TIPS Hotline at 816-474-TIPS (474-8477).

A profile of McKeown's case, via The Charley Project.
A previous CSKC post about McKeown.
McKeown's entry at the National Center for Missing Adults.



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