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Friday, August 29, 2008

Acquitted man wins $16 million from wife, her new husband

I think the award should have let him beat the two of them with a hose for a solid hour, but $16 million is good, too. From Mark Morris:

A federal jury awarded $16 million this morning to a man who spent more than five years in prison after his wife and her police officer boyfriend accused him of child molestation.

A jury convicted Theodore W. White Jr. in 1999 of molesting his adopted daughter, but another Jackson County jury ultimately acquitted him after prosecutors disclosed that the lead detective in the case, Richard McKinley, was romantically involved with White’s wife, Tina. She ultimately divorced White and married McKinley.

The jury decided this morning that Richard and Tina McKinley conspired to deprive White of his right to a fair trial.

Lawyers representing White in the civil rights lawsuit contended that his wife and McKinley hid the extent of their romantic relationship from prosecutors. They also contended that McKinley failed to seize a diary kept by White’s daughter that could have been helpful to his defense.


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