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Saturday, August 30, 2008

More from the Funkhouser-Corwin press conference

KSHB says that homicide and patrol will get more resources, and the mayor plans a "new tools task force" -- more details coming this week, though the idea is to spend more on education and other quality-of-life improvements in troubled neighborhoods.

Local blogger RDM isn't terribly optimistic:

The mayor and the police chief are holding a press conference this morning to discuss the rise in homicides in Kansas City.  I’m not sure what good, if any, comes out of these public displays of inaction. They are more or less just an opportunity to say that more needs to be done and that they will exhaust all resources to ensure that crime is reduced.  Hardy har har.

In the end, nothing really can be done about it.  I mean, let’s be truthful.  Cops nowadays are nothing more than responders to crime.  Very rarely, if ever, do you hear of them breaking up an act of violence.  However, they are real good at stopping people for busted tail lights and California stops.


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