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Friday, October 31, 2008

Is the Amber Alert being overused?

Kevin Hoffmann had an interesting story this morning about the Amber Alert and how, locally, it's been issued even though it didn't meet the official standards. Local LEOs are getting together today for an annual review of the system.

On the one hand, you've got officers who say the Amber Alert is one of those tools that should be used in only the most dire situations -- otherwise, people might not pay attention to it. Others say it should be issued whenever a kiddo goes missing, even if kiddo is probably just with a noncustodial parent.

UPDATED: Kevin has more from today's meeting ...

The meeting was led by U.S. Congressman Dennis Moore who asked the group how the system was working and whether changes needed to be made. The group reached a consensus that all local Amber Alerts should be cleared by the Metropolitan Police Chiefs and Sheriffs Association before being broadcast.

The chiefs and sheriffs group still has to approve this, though.


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