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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

IL man arrested for wearing "POLICE" T-shirt

Story is from Belleville, where a cop arrested a man for impersonating a police officer because the man was wearing a "POLICE" T-shirt back in 2006. Naturally, the man is now suing, saying his First Amendment rights were violated. From the P-D:

According to the lawsuit, a waitress told Weinstein that some police officers wanted to speak with him outside the bar. Weinstein went outside, he said, and was greeted by Belleville Officer Jeff Vernatti.

Vernatti, Weinstein alleges, asked him for his police credentials. Weinstein says he told the officer he wasn't a police officer.

That's when, according to Weinstein, the officer started screaming curse words and became physically and verbally abusive. Weinstein says he was cuffed and later released by the officer, but made to take the T-shirt off while standing in the cold.

The ticket was later kicked. Best Part? The plaintiff is a firefighter.


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