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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jonathan Lee Riches v. Bernard Madoff

More proof that Madoff has touched almost as many lives as Kevin Bacon: Longtime pro-se litigant Jonathan Lee Riches, who's Internet-famous for his numerous suits against Britney Spears, Bill Gates and others, now claims that Madoff ripped him off, too. Take it away, Dealbook:

In his motion, Mr. Riches alleges that Mr. Madoff took money from him and other inmates promising a 16.8 percent return, but then transferred the funds to a “Swiss account Ponzi.”

Mr. Riches, however, raised red flags about the veracity of his allegation, claiming that he met Mr. Madoff in 2001 via the online dating site eHarmony.com and that the two had an “intimate relationship.” Among other things, eHarmony has refused until this year to match same-sex couples.

Hat Tip: Many thanks, Mikeybackwards!


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