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Thursday, February 05, 2009

KSHB: More gang members moving to the burbs

Because their families are trying to get them into safer schools. Only some of the kids bring bad influences with them, KSHB reports. (Apparently, there was some kind of conference yesterday in Olathe.)

Gangs are trying to increase drug territory, hide from police and escape other gangs.

Sgt. Grant Allen of Olathe's police department says, "You see of lot of the younger gang members migrating in to the city of Olathe because of the schools, and they're trying to get away from the violence of the bigger cities."

Another local blog, State of the Line, weighs in here:

When even gang members are abandoning the urban core, who will be left to revitalize such areas? If the criminals don’t have a stake in decaying neighborhoods, then what hope is there for revival?


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