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Friday, May 29, 2009

Was Dale Helmig really guilty?


Dale Helmig is serving a life sentence in Cameron for the murder of his mother, Norma, who was pulled from the Osage River back in 1993, a cinder block tied to her body. This weekend, "America's Most Wanted" is going to devote their entire hour to his case -- because they believe that he didn't kill his mother. This is another case that Kenny Hulshof prosecuted, and Helmig's supporters argue that it wasn't fair to him.

But, prosecutors went a step further: they elicited testimony from Missouri State Trooper Robert Westfall that contradicted his own written report:

Mr. Hulshof: Sir…did Dale Helmig ever deny killing Norma Helmig to you?

Trooper Westfall: No, sir, he did not.

That statement, according to Westfall’s own report, was wrong, and the defense never challenged it.

Critics also say that investigators ignored another, more logical suspect, and they say Helmig's trial attorney didn't do a good job defending him.

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