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Monday, June 29, 2009

Did this cabbie commit a crime?

A Florida cab driver got so upset after an 81-year-old passenger cursed at him that he ordered the old man out of the vehicle, the Orlando Sentinel reports. The passenger is on dialysis, plus he has heart problems and uses a walker to get around.

In fact, once the old man stepped out, he fell. The cabbie allegedly got the walker from the trunk and threw it "several yards away" before leaving him. (The cabbie says the man was on his feet when they parted.)

A half-hour passed before the old man got help. The temperature was 97 degrees, though the heat index was much higher. Critics say the cabbie should face criminal charges because the old man could have died. The sheriff's office says nothing illegal happened. And the cab company says the driver was well within his rights for dealing with an abusive customer.


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