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Friday, October 30, 2009

The craziest thing you will read today

A woman and her father were trying to get from the American Royal to the Marriott on 12th Street downtown yesterday, but got lost and stopped at Paseo Express, 1500 Truman Road, to get directions. They met a guy, Jason E. Frazier, who offered to lead them to their destination in exchange for gas money, authorities say. So they took off following him. (The woman and her dad were in separate cars.)

They got to the 500 block of Central Avenue before the woman decided something was wrong. The woman tried to turn around, but Frazier allegedly got out of his car with a gun and ordered her out of the vehicle. Dad, though, backed his car at Frazier and told her to drive off. She did, and Dad followed.

They pulled into a convenience-store parking lot in the 700 block of Central, thinking Frazier was gone. From the U.S. Attorney for Western Kansas:

When Frazier drove up, Katrina Schwer sped off westbound on Central Avenue with Frazier pursuing her. Her father followed. At 12th and Central Frazier pulled alongside Katrina Schwer’s car. He shouted, “Get in my car.”

Her father maneuvered his car in front of Frazier’s car and backed into the front end of Frazier’s car, disabling Frazier’s car. Her father flagged down a Kansas City, Kan., Police Department officers, who located Frazier and arrested him.

Frazier is now facing federal charges. If the whole account is accurate, it's like something from a TV show.


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