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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From The Police Scanner: November

Turkeycut A few of my favorites from this month:

Today: "A cutting...The female says that she was cutting a turkey and the male ran into the knife."

Nov. 18: "Suspicious party...don't know if he's stopping and using the bathroom or if he's using the bathroom as he's walking down the street."

Nov. 9: "Black male...he's urinating in front of the building on the lawn. Apparently he does this all the time."

Nov. 8: "Suspicious party...black male, long hair, peeping in windows. And he pooped on the side of the house at 3908."

"...a male who's off his med's, he's naked, running around the facility. He's very combative."

"Suspicious party...no shirt, tan pants, he's punching at the air, talking to himself."

| Sara Shepherd


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