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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mo. survivalist convicted on weapons charges


Robert Joos -- who was featured on the blog yesterday -- was found guilty of federal weapons charges during a trial in Springfield. Authorities say they found 19,000 rounds of ammunition, explosives and more than a dozen guns on Joos' 200-acre property in McDonald County. (Joos, a former felon, wasn't supposed to possess them.)

Joos fell on the feds' radar because he allegedly associated with two men -- one a former KC resident -- accused of a racially-motivated letter-bombing a few years ago. In court, Joos denied being a white supermacist, the AP reports. Nobody has charged him in connection with the assault, which injured a black city official in Arizona.

Kathee Baird's Crime Scene blog has a post about the case here. (That's also where I found Joos' mug -- many thanks, Kathee!)


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