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Friday, February 12, 2010

Exonerated man to get $7.5 million from Riley County

The Journal-World has a great profile of Eddie Lowery, who spent 10 years in prison for a rape that he didn't commit. He's going to receive $7.5 million in a settlement from Riley County -- about $2,000 for every day he spent in prison. Lowery had served his sentence and even lied about taking part in the crime so that a parole board would let him go, but he tried to prove his innocence when he was told that he'd had to register as a sex offender. His lawyer was able to track down the rape kit, and DNA testing showed that he couldn't have committed the crime.

The detectives who put him away have not apologized. He doubts they ever will. It's nice that he's getting the money, but like a lot of wrongly convicted men, the experience has marked him.

But the years in prison have taken their toll on his relationships with some family members, and to this day trust is difficult for him. Since getting out of prison, Lowery keeps the receipts when he goes to the store so he can always prove his whereabouts.

“I know it sounds kind of crazy, but after you’ve been through something I’ve been through, it doesn’t sound as crazy,” he said.


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