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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Body Swap Murder

In February 2008, a man named Ari Squire lured another guy, Justin Newman, to his house with the promise of a construction job, the Daily Herald of suburban Chicago reports. Instead, Newman was murdered. And Squire used his corpse in an elaborate scheme to fake Squire's death and make off with $5 million in insurance money. (Squire had been of Medicare fraud, so police think he wanted to start a new life elsewhere.)

Squire dressed Newman in Squire's clothing and put his ID on the body, but the "accident" -- which involved setting Newman's corpse on fire and dropping a diesel truck on it -- forced authorities to use DNA to confirm an identity, and the whole thing unraveled. Squire, hiding in a Missouri motel, killed himself.

Now? Newman's family has sued Squire's widow, alleging that she was part of the plan and, thus, should be held liable. A jury agreed, and they've awarded $6 million to Newman's survivors.


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