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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wrongly convicted man gets $4.1 million

We've written about Tim Masters before. The Colorado man spent 10 years in prison for a brutal murder and sexual mutilation that he didn't commit. (He's 38 now, but he was the target of investigators since he was 15.) Larimer County has agreed to pay him $4.1 million, and he's still negotiating with Fort Carson about a settlement. Here's hoping he gets a giant check, because the wrongful conviction basically ruined his life:

CNN: You spent some prime years of your life -- late 20s, early 30s -- in jail for a crime you didn't commit. What do you think you missed most by not being a free man in those years?

Masters: There's so much. Right off the top, I'd say having a family. I think they're very much responsible for me not having a family right now, a wife and kids. But it goes back further than just them arresting me. It goes all the way back to my high school days when they labeled me a murder suspect among all my peers and my teachers and everything. It goes back a long time.


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