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Thursday, March 11, 2010

You meet the neatest people on the Internet

A Massachusetts man, Trevor L. Lucas, is accused of driving to Madison, Wis., and threatening a 16-year-old boy who refused to email Lucas naked photos of himself.

The two of them had met online while playing "World of Warcraft." After the boy decided they weren't the "share naked photos" kind of friends, he tried to ignore Lucas, police said. Which allegedly infuriated Lucas, who claimed to have spent money on the boy in the game. He demanded repayment and threatened to beat up the kid in person, the authorities allege.

Police say he tried to carry out the threat by showing up at his house and pulling a gun on the kid's mom. Lucas was later arrested in Boston, where he was caught with four handguns, some knives, stun guns and handcuffs, the Wisconsin State Journal said.


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