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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

14 charged in Gambino family crackdown

In New York, the U.S. attorney announced charges against 14 people allegedly tied to the Gambino crime family, including the gang's reputed boss, Daniel Marino. The charges include murder, jury tampering, loansharking, wired fraud and prostitution. Prosecutors allege that girls as young as 15 were hired out. Twelve of these men were arrested yesterday, one was picked days ago, and the last was still at large. The charges are essentially a decapitation strike. Most of the defendants are Gambino leaders or rising stars, the authorities say.

The Gambino group is one of the so-called Five Families, the five crime families said to control organized crime in New York City. (John Gotti is a Gambino "alumnus.") Yesterday's crackdown isn't the first time that federal authorities have tried a decapitation strike. They did one back in 2008 that reportedly caught most of the gang's leadership. You can read more about the Gambinos here.

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