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Monday, April 19, 2010

Calif. death penalty 'an empty promise,' victim's dad says


In California, John Gardner III has pleaded guilty to killing two teenage girls, Chelsea King and Amber Dubois, and trying to sexually assault a third person. Under the terms of his deal, Gardner won't receive the death penalty. Surprisingly, King's family is OK with this -- largely because the death penalty in California almost never results in death. (There have only been 13 executions in Cali since 1976.)

Without the plea, prosecutors didn't have enough to tie Gardner's murder, which happened about a year ago. He also led police to the girl's remains.

The King case -- and Gardner's subsequent arrest -- led to new criticism of how California monitors its registered sex offenders. (Gardner was one because of an earlier crime.) Her parents are now pushing for a new law in her name.

(AP Photo/Earnie Grafton, Pool)


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