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Thursday, April 22, 2010

More about Scott Roeder's petition

Back in February, Scott Roeder filed a petition asking to be free and complaining about how he's been treated, as we noted yesterday. (Judy has a more complete report here.) A hearing on that petition is scheduled for June. Judy was given an earlier draft of that motion, which wasn't filed. It's pretty much the same document, though this paragraph was dropped from a final version:

After being taken into custody, I was kept in a freezing jail cell, so that I started having a bad cough and thought I would have pneumonia; I was in need of my sleep apnea machine; and I was denied telephone privileges for two days.

In the filed version, Roeder complains that his bail was set too high because the judge thought he might commit further violence. The now-convicted killer says "abstract advocacy" of crime is not illegal.

In other words, under the U.S. Supreme Court, someone cannot be accused of promoting murder just because he says "I believe killing abortion doctors should be legal" or even "I encourage you to kill abortion doctors." This is because the term "promotes" does not refer to abstract advocacy under the definition of the Supreme Court.


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