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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Should disabled mom get to see her kids?

A California woman, Abbie Dorn, suffered severe brain damage when she gave birth to a set of triplets, who are now 3 years old. She's unable to speak, move or eat. Her husband divorced her, and now her parents take care of her. They're suing to get visitation rights for Abbie, so that her kids can see her.

The husband, who lives in another state, is fighting the suit because it would traumatize the kids to see their mother like this. He says he's OK with them seeing her when they're older. Meanwhile, he's suing Abbie for child support -- she received an $8 million settlement because of the brain damage.

It's not clear how aware Abbie is. Her ex says she is in a permanent vegetative state and, thus, can't have visitation. Her parents contend that she communicates through blinking. A doctor says that her condition is such that her mental functions can't be accurately assessed.


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