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Friday, May 28, 2010

'A Ph.D. in murder and Jack the Ripper'


Stephen Griffiths is big news in Great Britain right now. The doctoral student, who studies criminology, is accused of killing three women, all believed to be prostitutes. A neighbor told reporters that Griffiths had said he was working toward a “a Ph.D. in murder and Jack the Ripper." One of the murders was reportedly recorded by a security camera. The police say Griffiths fired a crossbow into the head of one victim, Suzanne Blamire. Her dismembered body was later found floating in the river.

The Daily Mail has a (not particularly flattering) profile of Griffiths here. The Sun found a former friend who claims to have witnessed Griffiths eating a baby rat. When he was brought into court, CNN reports, Griffiths identified himself as "the Crossbow Cannibal."

(AP Photo/John Giles, PA)


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