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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Accused teacher cleared of molestation

In 2008, an elementary-school teacher named Tonya Craft was arrested and accused of molesting three girls, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. She's now been acquitted of all 22 charges -- after she lost custody of her daughter, lost her job and lost her home. The defense is complaining to the FBI about the judge and prosecutor in the case. (The judge, as it happens, represented Craft's ex-husband during their divorce several years ago.)

Crime writer Dave Lohr talks about the problems with the case:

As the trial continued, many conflicting details emerged. One of the alleged victims admitted to lying in a previously taped interview; another said she was promised a toy for talking to police. Other times, witnesses said they could not remember pertinent details of the case.

Experts for the prosecution and defense were also unable to agree on whether the alleged victims showed signs of sexual abuse.

Hat Tip: Many thanks, Keith G in PV and cripjak!


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