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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Guilty plea in KU gun scare

That was quick. Remember the ruckus at KU a few weeks ago? There was a big police response after a report of a gunman on campus, though it turned out to be wrong. Samuel Moore, the suspect, has just pleaded guilty, the Douglas County D.A.'s office reports. He's looking at six months in jail at least, though he could get zapped for probation violations. From the release:

The charges in the case stem from the April 30 scare at the University of Kansas when it was reported a gunman was in a residence hall. A female resident of McCollum Hall reported to law enforcement she heard a male and female arguing in the room next to hers and she heard the male make a statement about, “Where’s my gun?” Law enforcement was dispatched and made contact with the involved parties.

When questioned, Mr. Moore gave law enforcement a false name and reported he witnessed a black male attempting to drag the female party out of her room. With that information, law enforcement locked down McCollum Hall and started a room by room search for the reported gunman.

As the investigation continued, law enforcement learned it was actually Mr. Moore who gave them the story about the kidnapping. He had previously been banned from campus and was trying to deceive officers to avoid a criminal trespass charge. His lie to officers was the factual basis for the obstruction charge.


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