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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

KC activist could be deported over sit-in

A woman named Yahaira Carrillo -- an illegal immigrant living in Kansas City -- was arrested Monday for a sit-in at Sen. John McCain's offices in Tucson, Ariz. There's an excellent chance that she's going to be deported.

Tony's Kansas City has been following the story, with posts here and here. The sit-in even made the New York Times. The protesters -- who were dressed in caps and graduation gowns -- were urging McCain to support the DREAM Act, a piece of legislation that would help younger illegal immigrants become citizens, if they get a college degree or serve in the military. It's not clear how the bill will fare.

Carrillo has a biography here, on a site advocating for the DREAM Act. Sen. Dick Durbin, one of the bill's sponsors, argues his case here. Congressman Tom Tancredo argues against it here.


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