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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Teen sues to stop prayer at graduation

A teenager in Greenwood, Ind., won a lawsuit to stop a prayer from being included in his high school's graduation ceremony, and he's caught a lot of flak from other students. The school had let the class vote whether they wanted to have an official prayer. Most voted for it. But Eric Workman, who's also the valedictorian and a Christian, argued the administrators were basically asking the teens if they wanted to break the law.

As a result, the school administrators say they aren't going to screen student speeches this year, which they normally do. (Profane language and politically charged themes will be OK, they note.) So one of the students will probably read a prayer during their time. One teen told the Indy Channel that "Someone is going to sneeze, and everyone says, 'God bless you,' in order to get back at Eric Workman."

Again, NOT a crime story -- just an interesting court case.


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