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Friday, June 04, 2010

$9.9 million for man framed by Mafia cop


New York City will pay $9.9 million to a man who spent 19 years in prison after a Mafia-corrupted police detective framed him for murder.

Louis Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, the so-called "Mafia cops," went away for eight murders and other crimes, many of them committed at the Mob's behest. After Eppolito was finally caught, a witness in Barry Gibbs' case testified that he lied because the detective bribed and threatened him. Investigators think Eppolito was trying to protect the real killers, who might have had Mob ties. Loved this quote from Gibbs:

"I hope he lives another 100 years," Gibbs said Thursday when asked about Eppolito. "Every day in prison is like a day of death. I should know."

Hat Tip: Many thanks, Keith G in PV!

(AP Photo/Hiroko Masuike, File)


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