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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Duke lacrosse accuser back in the news

Remember Crystal Gail Mangum? She's the woman who famously accused three Duke lacrosse players of sexual assault, something they didn't actually do. The situation became what Grandma likes to call an "imbroglio." Police now say that Mangum "set (an) apartment on fire and tried to kill her now ex-boyfriend while her three young children and two Durham police officers were in the home," the News & Observer reports.

Mangum held a press conference the other day to say that she's getting an unfair break in the legal system because everybody remembers her from the Duke lacrosse case. She says she was the victim of domestic violence and did not set the fire:

“I can’t explain to you why I keep going through issues with domestic violence,” she said, referring to past relationships. “Maybe it’s mistakes. Maybe I tell men too much about my past and they try to take that for granted. Maybe domestic violence is more prevalent than people think.”


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