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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Indictments filed over Citadel Plaza asbestos removal


Yesterday, a federal grand jury indicted two men connected to the Citadel Plaza redevelopment project on 63rd Street: William M. Threatt, Jr., 69, and Anthony Crompton, 40. Specifically, the U.S. Attorney for Western Missouri alleges, the men violated the Clean Air Act and failed to properly remove asbestos from the site.

Plans for the project called for a 35-acre shopping center, including a full-service grocery, restaurants, other retailers and residential living.

In 2006, The Kansas City Star found that scores of homes had been demolished and no asbestos permits had been obtained nor had the asbestos been properly contained.

The neighborhood was littered with building materials that had been crunched and left in huge piles on sites and in nearby woods. Some houses had been demolished so long before that weeds had grown in a canopy over the debris.

Threatt, a longtime developer, told The Star at the time that he never knew that federal, state and local laws required asbestos inspections.

... Neighbors complained last summer that weeds and trash covered the proposed shopping center site. When city crews went in to mow, the site was so contaminated with asbestos that they had to wear protective respirators.


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