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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No new trial for Raytown couple's killer

John Mildred

Here's some good news for the family of John and Mildred Caylor, a Raytown couple murdered during a robbery at their Christian bookstore in 2004. A lower court had ordered a new trial for Kellen C. McKinney, because he'd been tried on an attempted escape charge during his murder trial. That earlier ruling said he needed a new trial, because the charges were unrelated and shouldn't have been tried at the same time.

The Missouri Supreme Court has pushed the shenanigans button:

“His apparent motive for the attempted escape was avoidance of prosecution for the other charges, and the trial court correctly noted that his attempted escape provided evidence of his consciousness of guilt that was relevant to the other charges,” wrote Judge Mary R. Russell for a unanimous court.

Which means the Caylors' family don't have to sit through another trial ...


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