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Friday, July 16, 2010

Is Sharon Kinne still alive?


"Kansas City's Most Wanted" -- the Crime Commission-published newspaper that publicizes cases of fugitives -- is featuring Sharon Kinne in its edition today. You can find a copy for sale at several stores; here's a list.

Kinne is one of the most notorious suspects that Independence has ever produced: She was accused of murdering her husband in 1960 -- and later killing the wife of a car salesman that she'd started seeing. (After her husband died, she took some of the insurance money to go buy a blue Thunderbird.) They had four different trials here in Jackson County, all of which broke her away, either through acquittal, appeal or mistrial.

Kinne went to Mexico with her new lover, a man named Sam Puglise, before the fifth trial, which never happened.

Because she killed a man there, and was sentenced to 10 years. She told everyone that it was in self-defense because the man had tried to sexually assault her. From an anniversary piece about the case:

A U.S. embassy representative who visited her in prison said she appeared extremely cool. He told reporters that she shrugged repeatedly and told him: "I've shot men before and managed to get out of it."

Authorities said the gun in the Mexican shooting was matched to the bullets that killed the salesman's wife, Patricia Jones. But it didn't really matter because Kinne had already been acquitted.

That, and she was never returned to Jackson County. In 1969, Kinne escaped from a prison outside Mexico City. There was talk that she'd been spotted in Guatemala, but nothing ever came of it. If she's still alive, Kinne would be in her 70s.

Hat Tip: Many thanks to Craig Sarver at Most Wanted for letting me know about this case!


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