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Friday, July 30, 2010

Was woman given 'drugged' paper? No

UPDATED: The police are declaring shenanigans, as many of you correctly guessed in the comments. Here's a link to Chief Corwin's blog, and a link to Tony Rizzo's story. Bottom line? 

A man’s effort to give his phone number to a woman he found “cute” was behind a widely disseminated e-mail about an incident in south Kansas City last weekend.

Rumors that the incident involved a piece of paper laced with a drug that made the woman ill when she touched it — a scenario similar to previous “urban legends” in other jurisdictions — have been the subject of recent e-mail warnings.

Kansas City Police Chief Jim Corwin reported on his online blog Friday that such a scenario was “highly, highly unlikely.”

PREVIOUSLY: Fox 4 has an unusual story about a woman getting sick after someone handed her a piece of paper at a QuikTrip in south Kansas City. She started getting lightheaded and noticed the person who gave her the paper was following her, so she went into a nearby McDonald's and got help.

Hat Tip: Many thanks, KC Resident!


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