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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A quick look at Tuesday's crime news

I spent a good chunk of Tuesday out sick -- and missed a lot of crime news, unfortunately. Here's a quick recap of what happened today. Please pardon the interruption; service should be back to normal on Wednesday.

Police have arrested George Dudley, the molester who walked away from court yesterday in Wyandotte County. He was picked up at the DMV in Kansas City, of all places.

Terrence J. Barkley, 19, a college student hit in a driveby shooting Monday, has died, Kansas City police say. The shooting happened near Swope and Cleveland.

Johnson County deputies have ended their search for human remains in the 16400 block of Mission Road, without having found anything, KMBC reports.

Meanwhile, KC police *have* found a headless skeleton -- not far from the 3700 block of Myrtle, where someone found a human skull the other day. No word if this was foul play, though.


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