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Friday, October 29, 2010

Report: Suspect in south KC gas-station shooting has fled country

KMBC reports that Akbar Rana, the gas-station clerk charged in the shooting death of Frederick Jones, has left the country. I reached Vanessa Boykin, Jones' mother, who confirmed this; she said that prosecutors told her on Thursday. The news comes just a few days after Jackson County accused Jones of voluntary manslaughter.

UPDATE: As Tony's Kansas City notes, Alonzo Washington had this a day or so ago.

From Christine Vendel's report on Wednesday:

Court records said the clerks repeatedly asked Jones to leave the store that night because he was causing a disturbance. They forced him out the door and held the doors shut so he could not re-enter, but Jones got back inside. One of the clerks again forced Jones outside and got into a scuffle with him on the ground.

Rana came outside and fired a stun gun at Jones, who jumped up, threw a punch at Rana and turned to run away.

Rana shot Jones, kicked Jones and hit him in the head with his gun, witnesses told police. The entire incident was recorded on the store’s video surveillance system.


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