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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Woman believed to have photographed her killer

A 67-year-old Lake Geneva, Wis., woman who had told a hairdresser she was going to hand out $100 in quarters to the needy at a laundromat might have photographed her killer.

Sandra Teichow's body was found Thursday afternoon. On Monday, authorities charged Wilbert Leonard Thomas, 65, with first-degree intentional homicide, theft from person or corpse and two counts of felony bail jumping, for allegedly killing her.

Police found a camara next to her body. On the memory card was a photo of a man walking away from the camera wearing blue jeans, a black jacket with a lime green collar and black shoes. He had white hair and used a silver cane with four small circular feet at the bottom.

Some of her injuries included small circular marks on her body. An investigator recognized Thomas from the photo.

Mug shot here.

| Bob Cronkleton


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