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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hands in the air, pants on the ground

The Milburn Golf & Country Club suffered a terrible fire last night, and I spent a good part of the evening digging into The Star's clippings about the club. I found one piece that really didn't fit with our fire coverage, but was worth passing along -- a 1946 report about three masked men who stole $2,000 from 20 men playing poker at the club after hours.

The twenty men were ordered to line up facing the knotty pine-panelled walls. They were instructed to keep their hands up. This proved to be disconcerting fro one of the younger members. As the game had progressed, the young man, with just the beginning of an executive's paunch, loosened the top buttons of his trousers for comfort's sake.

Fearing to make any untoward move, he took his place against the wall and slowly his trousers settled to half mast. Then as he shifted his feet a bit, the trousers hit the floor.



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