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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Kansas authorities to issue tickets for texting while driving


Starting Saturday, Kansas will start issuing tickets to motorists who text while driving. This also includes emails and instant messages, and reading them, too. For the past several months, police have been giving warnings. The law's language can be found here.

Kansas is one of 11 states that have passed texting-while-driving bans in 2010, the Governors Highway Safety Association reports. Overall, 30 states -- plus D.C. and Guam! -- have bans for all drivers. Missouri isn't one of them. It's only against the rules if you happen to be under 21.

There's some question whether these laws do any good. Police say they are very difficult to enforce. A recent report from the Highway Loss Data Institute found that texting bans don't help reduce the number of crashes.


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