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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jury acquits man of stealing 99-cent hot dog

Good column from the Spokesman-Review, which writes about the case of a man who was accused of stealing a 99-cent hot dog from the grocery store. One juror says it's pretty clear that he simply forgot to pay, seeing as how he did pay for $28 in groceries before he left the store. He tried to pay up once confronted outside, but it was too late:

McKay said the reason this ended up before a jury is that Richardson refused to accept a deal. Here’s an example of a deal he was offered: In exchange for the charges being dropped, he’d pay restitution for the sausage, and pay the store owners a $200 civil penalty.

So now the $1 hot dog was a $201 hot dog,” Richter said.

Hat Tip: Many thanks, Mad Keith!


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