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Friday, May 20, 2011

Mark Mangelsdorf denied parole, despite Johnson County D.A. support


Mark Mangelsdorf might be a model prisoner, but he's not getting parole just yet, Joe Lambe reports.

Mangelsdorf, you might recall, pleaded guilty to murdering his lover's husband, David Harmon, back in 1982 in Olathe, so she wouldn't have to get divorced. Mangelsdorf and Melinda Raisch never got hitched themselves, but they managed -- for decades -- to avoid justice until police started putting things together a few years ago.

Mangelsdorf had become a successful businessman with a Harvard degree. He agreed to plead guilty to the murder in exchange for a promise from the D.A. -- that prosecutors would back his request for parole when the time came.

And the D.A.'s office was true to its word. Mangelsdorf, who has served five years, had the D.A.'s support during the recent parole process. Not that it did any good. He was turned down and won't be eligible for parole until 2016.


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